Our Services

Located in Chilliwack, BC Canada, A One CNC Machining Inc. has specialized in precision CNC milling and turning of small parts for over 15 years.

We manufacture components for many different industries including automotive, medical, fiber optic just to mention a few. Having successfully worked together with a number of different companies in the past we offer a full line of services starting with design to machining, laser engraving, and other requirements like plating or grinding done by third party companies.

Ultimately, we are the one-stop shop for a complete product at a competitive price.

Our Areas Of Expertise

CNC Turning

We specialize in turning small to medium sized parts with diameters ranging from 0.030” – 6.0″. We are equipped with several collet chuck and bar feeder set-ups for large runs and a couple 3-jaw-chuck machines with live tooling capabilty for simple milling operations.


We have two smaller vertical machining centers with capacities of 30” x 20”. Both machines are equipped with 4th axis for multisided operations and efficient and accurate production. We run batch sizes from five to thousands of pieces by using the latest technology in clamping systems, CADCAM software, and spindle speeds up to 24,000 rpm.

Swiss Machining

Our Swiss machining capacity ranges from 0 – 5/8” in diameter. Having live tools for milling operations, a sub-spindle for second operations and a 12’ LNS bar loader allows us to produce tight tolerance parts in large quantities at a very competitive price.

Laser Engraving

We offer the service of laser engraving to whatever your requirements may be. Some of our work in the past has been etching logos, part numbers or specific details on machined parts.